Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yummy Mineral-Rick Drink for Kids!

We know our kids don't get the same amount of minerals as past generations have - our food unfortunately is not grown in the same mineral-rich soils (over-harvesting and over-production), processed foods and grains which have stripped the nutrients from our food, the hybridization of grains that have changed their composition, and having moved away from our traditional nourishing diets (organ meats, bone broths, unpasteurized milk, healthy fats etc).

What can we do? Making bone broths is a great strategy, but you may find you don't have the time to do it regularly (I know I don't). This is one of my favorite 'quick' methods of getting those minerals into my kids that supposedly is as dense as bone broths (and they LOVE it - they call it their 'hug in a mug'). I offer this most mornings before breakfast to warm them up - add 1-2 TBSP Mineral Matrix (by St. Francis) into a mug, top 3/4 with boiling water, and the other 1/4 with organic cream/milk/almond milk and 1 tsp honey/maple syrup and serve.

 I prefer the cream because it's SUPER creamy, and as long as it's organic the fats in the cream will slow down digestion and minimize the blood sugar rise from the honey, keeping your kids energy nice and steady. YUM!

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